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Programs / Speaking Topics

1) The Real Heroes

Purpose: This rare heart-felt program is given by a man whose life was saved by a system that many ridicule as being useless and incompetent. This highly emotional presentation pays tribute to those who have dedicated their lives to making a difference in the life of a child, while at the same time educating the general public of the challenges faced by those in their chosen field.

Dave carefully weaves the story of how his life was saved by teachers, a school nurse, the police department, social servies and the foster care system. This is the perfect keynote for those within the system who are in need of a positive shot in the arm from a man who, too, has dedicated his life to helping others.

Throughout the presentation, Dave laces a significant amount of relevant humor to help put the audience at ease, but also stresses the vital importance of advising those at-risk on becoming resilient and being accountable.

In addition, Dave advises those working in their perspective fields not to become overwhelmed. It is important for them to care for themselves, so they in turn can continue to be a savior and champion of children of our countries: The Real Heroes.

1) Pay homage to the countless individuals who are on the front lines in their battle to save the children.
2) To instill a sense of pride and positive expectations of those who have suffered, rather than live out a life of despair and negativity.

(Presentation Length: 1 hour - 1hour 30 minutes)

2) Help Yourself for Teens

For well over ten years and thousands of presentations to various middle schools, high schools and juvenile detention facilities throughout the nation, Dave Pelzer has emphasized a message of accountability and resilience to young adults no matter their past or hardships.

Having endured one of the worst cases of child abuse in California’s then history and placed in foster care before becoming a counselor at juvenile hall years later, Dave knows all too well the troubles and temptations facing teens today.

Help Yourself for Teens is a presentation based on a self -titled book which places a strong focus on a pyramid strategy of: developing the habit of addressing one’s problems, identifying the critical importance of decisions made now and where they can lead to in the future and for young adults to aspire on bettering themselves.

Throughout the presentation Dave incorporates a “Robin Williams” like wit and fast paced sense of humor. While Dave’s program at times is entertaining, his premise is to educate and inspire young adults to become more productive, proactive, and responsible for their own lives.

Suggested Program Length (45-90 minutes)

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3) Your Resolve

All of us, in one way or another have been affected by unfortunate or overwhelming situations. Yet for many, for whatever the reason, their negative past seems to dominate their lives, to the point that they, through their choices or inactions, become psychologically crippled and live out unhappy, unfilled lives.

Having survived an extreme, life-threatening childhood, and yet later to become the recipient of The National Jefferson Award and honored as The Outstanding Young Persons of the World, Dave knows first-hand about the art of resilience while being of service to fellow man. For more than twenty years Dave has traveled the globe, challenging and inspiring others to take positive control of their lives, while praising the people who are dedicated to helping those in dire need – educators, social workers and the foster care system, whom Dave dubs, "The Real Heroes".

Your Resolve is based on Dave's New York Times Best Selling book Help Yourself, as well as, his two other self-help books, Help Yourself for Teens and Moving Forward. Through out the presentation, Dave weaves his life's story giving pertinent examples on, not only, how he was able to prevail but stresses proven, real-life, common sense advice for the audience to apply immediately. Also, in an effort to help ease the audience, Dave laces the program with relevant humor. In addition, Dave carefully advises the audience and those in their perspective fields, on the importance of taking care of themselves, so they in turn, can continue to be a service to others.

In today's uncertain, stress filled world, Your Resolve can make a difference for all of us by helping you to recapture your sense of “Mission” and lead others by determined, quiet leadership.

(Presentation Length: 1 hour - 1hour 30 minutes)